Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is pronounced 'tweena'. 'Ancient massage that will rock and roll away your pain' is derived from the Chinese words 'Tui' meaning to push and 'Na' meaning to grasp, two techniques fundamental to traditional Chinese medical massage and medicine. It is a deep, vigorous form of body work. The subtle variation of direction and force that can be brought to bear on each chi point is one of the unique features of Tui Na massage. Every chi point has an effect on chi movement when it is intensely stimulated with pressure. An expert Tui Na practitioner will be aware of which combination of these points to use when treating specific problems.

From £20-£60

Treatment from 20-60 minutes

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief.

From £30-£40

Treatment from 30-60 minutes