Our Team

Welcome to our healing centre! We look forward to servicing you!

Our experienced practitioners and therapists are fully qualified, insured, and registered within the UK, and have trained in Alternative Medicine in China and UK. 

We are dedicated to maintaining a balance of body and mind using a holistic approach catered to the patient.

We offer all our patients access to a team of specialists who are able to offer substantial experience and knowledge.

Acu Spirit Healing Centre  has a wide patient base, offing advice and support on all aspects of health-related issues.

Thank you Bing! I could not have done it without all your wonderful acupuncture and Tuina Treatments over the last few weeks. They really helped me through some very challenging times!

——Nila Shah

Our Team

Bing (Feng F Bing) is a senior acupuncturist and the founder of Acu Spirit Ltd..

Bing is passionate about using his unique acupuncture techniques, and Joint Resurrection Massage to help treat a wide range of health conditions, such as pain, infertility and chronic diseases. He is also a strong advocate of using herbs to aid in the treatment of health conditions. Bing is a descendant of the Bing family who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for 3 generations and more than 100 years in China.

Bing is the Authorised representative and promoter of Dr. Wang's Yunqi theory, Dr. Liu's Five Element Jiyi Style Acupuncture and Dr.Pan's CCM Acupuncture in UK and Europe.

Sue (Suyi, Li) is a member of The Acupuncture Society. She is specialized in Acupuncture, traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and has rich experience in treatments such as pain problems, stress and depression ,chronic diseases. 

She was granted Undergraduate and Master degree from HuBei University of Chinese Medicine and Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine in 2012 and 2015.

Sue had over 5 years clinical experience in The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of TCM (China). Before she joined Acu Spirit Clinic, she worked in Acupuncture & Massage Chinese Medical center in Newcastle for 2 years.

Jenny (Ting Liu)  has rich experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
She is specialised in physical therapy, depression, gastroenterology, massage, Scrapping and cupping.
Jenny learned acupuncture under Zhanhe Xiong, one of the most influential Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor's. She graduated with honors at the College of Changsha Traditional Chinese Medicine in China in 2003, where she trained in the basic theory and technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Jenny worked in Huaihua Beauty Center (China) as the specialist acupuncturist since 2004 and then joined the‘Yi Erkang’ massage hospital (China) as the physical therapist in 2006. In 2008, Jenny moved to the United Kingdom and worked at Dr & Herb and the Herbalist. She joined Acu Spirit Clinic since 2018.

Gill (Gill Slezakowska ) : 

I am a registered nurse and have worked in the NHS and the private sector for over 20 years. Complementary medicines have alwasys interested me and in 2004 I discovered The Bowen Technique. I trained to be a Bowen Therapist to help people in a holistic way.

I began studying Reiki in 2001, as personal development and extented my training in order to treat others. I am a Reiki master but use this separately.

I qualified as a Bowen Technique Therapist through the European College of Bowen Studies establishing my own practice, Gentle Therapies in Nottingham, in 2007.

I believe that conventional and complementary therapies CAN work together and, if I feel it is necessary, I will suggest clients see their GP and/or other therapists.


Suzanne (Suzanne Horstman-Thomas) has been interested in complimentary medicine and natural therapies for many years. She moved to the UK in 2004 to attend Nottingham Trent University and achieved MSc Psychology.

Since 2014 Suzanne has been doing Reiki/energy and distance healing work on friends, family and peers at retreats and has received positive feedback/results.

She made a career change in 2017 to focus on holistic work to fulfil her life purpose and began offering Reiki at a well-known Holistic Centre, Nottingham whilst training to become a Massage Therapist, eventually adding Hopi Candling, Sound therapy and crystal healing.

Suzanne is passionate about helping clients balance body, mind and spirit using natural products in her treatments and continues her professional development.

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