Acu Spirit Clinic (Complementary & Alternative Therapy) is a Classic Chinese Medicine (CCM) Clinic and Wellbeing Healing Centre.


Experienced practitioners


All our staffs are fully trained, insured and experienced practitioners registered with UK well known professional associations.


Effective treatment plans


We combine tailored treatment plans with the use of advanced acupuncture techniques to achieve optimal results.


Results guaranteed!


For pain relief , if there is no significant improvement in the first 3 treatments, you can ask for your money back!

They were treated by Five Element Jiyi Style Acupuncture, the same acupuncture technique we are practising in our clinic every day. Due to legal reasons, we are not able to publish any our similar clinical videos here. 


Acupuncture :  (approx. 30-40 mins)

£29 (Concession)


Herbal Tonics 7:

£49 (prescription fee, first time only) + 1 week dosage FREE, follow up £19 - £79

Herbal Tonics 30:  (30 days long-term plan)

£170 + Prescription fee from £49

Deep Tissue Massage (Tuina):

£20 - £60 (20 min - 60 min)

Fire Cupping:

£29 (30min)

Yi Cupping or Korean style:

£19 (20 min)

Tai Yang Moxibustion:

£59 (60 min)

Joint  Resurrection: from £19 per body part/ £99 full body, 12 parts

Special Offers:

Block Booking for 6 (Acu Only):

£234 + £29 worth of Tuina Massage or Cupping FOR FREE

£174 + £29 worth of Tuina Massage or Cupping (concession only) FOR FREE

Plus One Block Booking for 6

(Acupuncture+Joint  Resurrection/Tuina Massage/Cupping):

£414 + £59 worth of Acu treatments FOR FREE

Upcoming Events



If you are local to Nottingham I would 1000% recommend my Chinese doctor, Bing for treatments to improve your health and wellbeing... I see him regularly and always feel amazing after a treatment! I hope we can collaborate in a yin yoga and Chinese medicine workshop soon too!  ——— Sophie Bee